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I’m a musician and producer. I specialize in modern electronic music and grew up in the golden age of synthpop. I’m a lover of the classic pop song but also microsound and experimental music. My 
latest release is called Long Blue Line.

In 1999 I co-founded the band Venus Hum. So far we’ve produced five studio albums, toured all over the US and Europe and garnered great critical press and good will from fans all over the world. Our 
latest release is a concert DVD called Mechanics & Mathematics Show. I'm currently working on a collection of our best songs- I'm giving them fresh productions and referring to them as "remodels".

I’ve also spent many years working as a producer, songwriter and session musician. You can listen to some of this music by visiting 
the PROJECTS section of this website. If you’d like to hire me for your 
project please use the CONTACT form.