Best Remodeled

by Venus Hum

I'm very proud of the music I made with my good friends Kip Kubin and Annette Strean as Venus Hum. I wanted to put out what I thought were our very best songs in one package. But I didn't think there was much use in just re-releasing the recordings that were already widely available. The brick and mortar is still solid but I wanted to put a fresh coat of paint on these tunes. And so, like a cool old house, these tracks were lovingly renovated. I produced all new versions; keeping just the essential structures intact. 

I still have nothing but fond memories of the time we all spent together and the music we made. This is a work of love that I offer to my talented bandmates, our wise managers, the record companies who believed in us, fantastic booking agents and promo gurus. But mostly this is for our dear fans. Thank you.

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