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Lie Down in the Grass [TM REMIX]

by Charlie Peacock

My old Nashville pal Charlie Peacock released his first solo record 30 years ago. I bought the record without hearing a single track just because I liked the album art. It took me a few listens before it took hold, but soon I was hooked. It wasn't until many years later that I had the great honor of meeting Charlie- we came across each other at a studio in Nashville.  I was working down the hall with DC Talk while he was recording vocals for his album, The Secret of Time. I was completely start-struck, but Charlie was a real gentleman and put me at ease. A little while later Charlie hired me as an arranger/programmer on a record he was producing. This was the start of an awesome working relationship and friendship. Charlie released the stems for Lie Down in the Grass as a way to celebrate it's 30th anniversary. I had to put my spin on it. Thanks, Charlie for all the great music!

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